Press releases - 5 Mar 2018

Once reserved for Royal now presented to you! Our 2015 press releases

A privilege once reserved for Indian royalty is now available in Dubai. Gehna Jewellery Boutique opened its doors at the Dubai Gold & Diamond Park presenting a unique opportunity for the elegant, global woman to be uniquely expressive for any occasion, mood, or celebration.

Gehna Jewellery Boutique is the international business entity of Jaipur Jewels India, which brings 150 years of mastery in design, manufacturing, and restoration of artisan jewellery to the Middle East. In keeping with its strong tradition, the new boutique in Dubai offers a wide range of readymade, handcrafted ‘Jadau’ jewellery pieces inspired by the ancient, intricate Mughal art of jewellery making.

Gehna’s Jadau jewellery is handcrafted in its ateliers in Jaipur, Rajasthan, where some of the most skilled artisans in India cut, colour, inlay, and ornament metals to create elaborate, engraved pieces of jewellery with 22K gold, fine polkis (flat-cut diamonds), and precious stones, perfecting the oldest forms of jewellery making in India ¬– the Kundankari technique using highly refined gold; the colourful Meenakari style of enamelling; and the more intricate Jadau technique which combines Kundankari and Meenakari work with uncut diamonds.

Visitors to the Gehna Jewellery Boutique can expect personalised consultation on selection of the perfect Jadau piece for any occasion, mood, celebration, as well as design of bespoke jewellery pieces for the more discerning customer. Additional services include restoration and refurbishment of vintage and new jadau jewellery.


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