A collection of designer neck-pieces styled by an in-house designer & assembled together under supervision by a Patua or a stringer, using precious gemstone beads, gold wires, handcrafted elements and precious baubles along with bold and beautiful pieces of Jadau in an interesting symmetrical, sometimes asymmetrical arrangement, from flat to 3-dimensional, subtle to bright, simple to intricate.

These pieces are engineered using color arrangements and sizes of beads and pearls, playing with textures and techniques to create motion and movement, thus giving each piece its own identity and character.

The ethnic woman

For the ethnic woman who is a bearer of tradition and a connoisuer of craftsmanship

From cascading streams to rigid embellishing in geometry or netted patterns, our beaded beauties carry an indefinable air of whimsical elegance


Drops of perfection combining to make one grand piece of art

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