The Collections

When we craft a piece of jewlery, we create an emotion. Our pieces truly speak to those who wear them. Explore our latest productions to feel our jewels on your own skin.

Our Productions

Get a direct taste of the latest creations of Gehna Boutique. Take a voyage to India with our beautiful muse and truly savor the uniqueness and magic of each of our collections. Uncover the secrets behind each piece.


Temple jewellery was once used to adorn the Gods and Goddesses in South India and later found its way to the royal courthouses. A bequest of the Chola dynasty, these magnificent designs are traditionally gold based.

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A collection of finely enamelled classics and contemporary pieces with intricate finesse of painted artistry and superior finish. Our range of bangles, bracelets and quintessential neck-pieces are unconventional and avant-garde in their combinations, thus finding their way into a modern jewellery ensemble

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Inspired by the various techniques of the craft, but created for the present and the future, this is a range of wearable and playful jadau, that moulds an age-old jewellery craft into pieces with functionality, making a statement or a perfect gift for your loved ones who celebrate an occasion or a celebration.

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These unique pieces come with intense craftsmanship, rare gems and unusual elements, lending a signature charm. They go beyond the realm of classic Jadau jewellery, pushing the boundaries of jewellery art.

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A collection of designer neck-pieces styled by an in-house designer & assembled together under supervision by a Patua or a stringer, using precious gemstone beads, gold wires, handcrafted elements and precious baubles along with bold and beautiful pieces of Jadau in an interesting symmetrical, sometimes asymmetrical arrangement, from flat to 3-dimensional, subtle to bright, simple to intricate.

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This collection is fit for the royal treasures! Each piece is carefully handcrafted by our best artisans with the utmost skill, recreating a heritage & replicating traditional design forms with the same decorative details, bound by the sanctity of meaning enshrined in them, yet allowing the aesthetics to transcend an era as we shape them into heirlooms.

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The age old Jadau craft marries a modern silhoutte and style in this collection. Statement neck-pieces are crafted using pure gold, diligently chosen uncut diamonds with clean surfaces and handpicked precious gems, embellishing them in borders with ‘takkar-setting’ (or invisible style setting).

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