Our Campaigns

When we craft a piece of jewlery, we create an emotion. Our pieces truly speak to those who wear them. Explore our latest productions to feel our jewels on your own skin.

Our Productions

Get a direct taste of the latest creations of Gehna Boutique. Take a voyage to India with our beautiful muse and truly savor the uniqueness and magic of each of our collections. Uncover the secrets behind each piece.


Here's to your inner Kaleidoscope. A celebration of your manifold talents. A tribute to your unimaginable potential. You are beautiful, precious, strong. You are radiant, efficient, caring. You are a bundle of energy. You are a cradle of love. You are a kaleidoscope of talent. More power to you.

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Wedding Vows

"I wished for a knight in shining armor, instead I got you...my man bringing me shimmering jewellery." Not every man is deserving of such adoration. Be that man for your woman.

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Types of Bride

One of the enchanting looks is that of a bride, and in that one moment, the world got brighter!

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Navratna or Nauratan meaning 'nine gems' was a term applied to a group of nine extraordinary people in an emperor's court in olden #India. The Navratna Campaign was executed in 2015. 9 precious gems and 9 prominent ladies. Each woman was precisely chosen to represent a precious stone that she best resonated with! These 9 women were featured as unstoppable achievers in Femina Middle East over 9 months.

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