150 years of history

Gehna Jewellery Boutique evokes the legacy of Mughal and Rajasthani royalty, passed down through seven generations of jewellery makers. A shining symbol of a bygone golden era that saw undying devotion to mastery in art and craftmanship, Gehna revives this pursuit with a new purpose.


Precious gems and jewellery for Royalty

Gehna’s founder, Pranit Naheta, traces his legacy to his ancestors who came from Dera Ghazi Khan near Multan in Punjab province of Pakistan, known in its time for sufi traditions, Islamic heritage and handicrafts.

Roopchand Naheta, his forefather, was the scion of his family’s gemstone trading enterprise, which traded in rare Kashmiri Blue Sapphires, Persian Spinel Rubies and Afghani Emeralds. His thorough knowledge of gemstones and its trade was the bedrock of the family business. Soon enough, the emphasis of the business began to hinge on passion and the family that was once gem traders transformed to goldsmiths then Mughal jewellery experts.

Rulers of the provinces of Punjab sought these pieces of exquisite craftsmanship, as the family committed their business and artisans to commissioning jewellery exclusively for rulers of Bahawalpur in Punjab and the rulers of princely provinces of Khanate in present day Balochistan, Pakistan.


Family migrates to Rajputana

Jaipur was the nodal point of jewellery, art and culture, circa 20th century. The Rajputana royalty were fine connoisseurs of art and a wide range of jewellery styles flourished in the city aided by Maharaja Sawai Mansingh, the ruler of Jaipur. Royalties of Jaipur brought expert enamellers and gemstone inlay craftsmen from Lahore in Punjab. Sometime in early 40’s whilst Pakistan and India’s history was being written in blood, the family was writing their destiny in the sweat of Rajasthan. Migration brought to India, jewellers and craftsmen families from across the border. Pranit’s great grandfather Shambunath Naheta moved his base to the beautiful city of Jaipur, which had witnessed the past grandeur of the Mughal art and craft and brought a promising future for the jewellery and gemstone industry in the new democratic India.


Family Migrates to Mumbai, India

With the political integration of the princely states and colonial territories into independent democratic India, many vintage jewels from princely treasuries and wealthy colonial provinces found themselves in the hands of traders and collectors. The family continued the legacy of handcrafted jewellery whilst trading in antique royal jewellery. In the 60’s Pranit’s grandfather Milapchand Naheta moved to Mumbai, India’s commercial and industrial capital and gradually established a successful retail business of gemstones and jewellery for the weathy collectors of heritage jewellery.


Pranit Naheta joins his family business

Pranit Naheta was raised in an environment that was surrounded by curated antiques, extinct Basra pearls, rare gemstones and traditional handcrafted Mughal jewellery that showcased with pride in his family’s retail outfit. He chose to continue the jewellery legacy, equipping himself with formal training in jewellery know-how and design. Pranit focussed his expertise towards the design and manufacturing side of the family’s business that was already catering to Mumbai’s crème-de-la-crème including stalwart industrialists, famous stars of the indian movie coterie and jet-setting clients from overseas. He rigorously handled the manufacturing set-up for 5 years to innovate jewellery making techniques and train craftsmen to push their diligence and abilities to acquire international quality of finishing for 18K diamond and gem-set jewellery. His passion to expand outside India made him explore and test waters through private and public exhibitions in Middle-East and North America.


Pranit Naheta moves to Dubai

In 2003, Pranit chose to shift to UAE and established Gehna Jewellery Trading LLC in the heart of the Gold Souk in Dubai as his own business in the trade of gemstones and loose diamonds to cater to the MENA region. Simultaneously he built a global jewellery clientele through private exhibitions and shows. In 2015, he was joined by his wife Kanan to set up a niche boutique store - Gehna - in the already flourishing Gold & Diamond Park on Sheikh Zayed road. Today, our patrons include jewellery enthusiasts from Russia, Canada, US and the Middle East who frequent Dubai as their favourite shopping destination.


New face of Gehna

Keeping the diverse footprint of the Gehna brand, we recently chose a global personality as the new face of Gehna. Our instinctive choice was Megan Pormer, a Beverly Hills based influencer with diverse roots, She is a Phd in Medical sciences and now a health and beauty advocate and also a TV personality. We identified the brand’s intrinsic appeal and heritage with Megan multidimentional personality. Having Persian and Turkish roots and connecting with global audience at Hollywood, Megan is a self-made woman who is a rare combination of substance and beauty and an inspiration to many. She found immediate resonance with brand Gehna, which is rooted in tradition but is charting a course of its own