SINCE 1700'S

Once reserved for royalty, now presented to you.

The Gehna story is intrinsically woven into history, being part of a remarkable lineage. Having been in the business for over seven generations, their forefathers supplied jewels and gems to the royal courts.

Generations of jewellery

Gehna is a confluence of craftsmanship, knowledge, and passion.

Its roots can be traced back to the legacy of the jeweller family, Nahetas, who originated from the City of Saints and journeyed along the sands of time to the Pink City, making their transition from gemstone traders to jewellers, whilst serving a variety of connoisseurs from the Royalty of the yore to the epicurean luxury buyer of the present day.

From Multan in late 19th century (pre-partition north-west India), to Jaipur in the early 20th century (post-partition India), to The metropolitan Mumbai of the 1960’s and thereafter to the avant-garde cosmopolitan Dubai in the 21st century, the lives of four generations of Naheta family has been dedicated to the decorative art form and its continued revival.

Timeless treasures

Every piece of our jewellery creation has “a piece of history, just for you to treasure and cherish.”

Journey back in time

It is through decades of experience, great mastery over the craftsmanship and an undying passion for art that we create timeless pieces which have traces of our

Royal tradition has been intrinsically etched into our history; a tradition which dates back to the times of the Baloch rulers of Khan-e-Qalat , and the Nawab of Bhawalpur (present day Pakistan) to the royal families of Patiala in Punjab and Jaipur in Rajasthan(present day India). Our ancestors carved their name within the jewellery corridors of the royals, commissioning bespoke pieces of jewellery for the treasuries and adornment of the elite.


Meet Pranit & Kanan Naheta

Pranit had an early initiation into the gemstones and jewellery domain under his grandfather, Shri Milapchand Naheta, a respected industry stalwart and experienced gem curator. Under his guidance, Pranit learnt the know-how of precious gems and the evaluation of rare antiques.

Kanan is the guiding force and architect of brand Gehna. Through her design and imagineering skills, Gehna is beginning to get recognized for its unique approach of combining age-old design sensibilities with the modern aesthetics, among a global audience.


Inspired by tradition

Gehna Jewellery Boutique is nestled in the heart of the bustling Sheikh Zayed road in EMAAR Gold & Diamond Park. Blurring the lines between the vintage and the modern in their jewellery products and services, Gehna chose their flagship boutique to be in Dubai, the luxury capital of the new world and a melting pot of cultures. Dubai is also the gateway to the MENA region, thus providing an ideal platform to showcase unique creations for those desirous of owning opulent wearable art. Gehna has positioned itself as a unique brand, knocking on the world’s door aspiring to change the way audiences perceive jewellery of ethnic origin.